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antiwar rally

CASMII is Campaign Against Sanctions, Military, and Imperial Interventions.

In the first decades of the 21st century, it has become clear that the US-led Western hegemonic empire intends to continue its drive for domination and control of the world’s most vulnerable populations. The Gaza genocide of 2023-2024 proves once again the hollowness of its claims to democracy and human rights, but also demonstrates the awesome cruelty by which it operates and protects its own allies and client states.

CASMII is an independent, international organization based in UK and US with the aim of resisting violent tools of imperial intervention, be they wars (such as those in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.), sanctions (such as those that killed half a million children in Iraq in the 1990s) or other forms of intervention (such as supporting terrorists against Iran, Syria, Cuba and Latin America). Our strategy is to use education, information dissemination and advocacy for peace, independence and true self-determination for the world. Together we hope to see a post-imperial world within our lifetime.  

CASMII broadened its mission in 2024 to defend the Palestinian people in the face of the ongoing genocide against them by Israel, the US and its allies. We expose the blatant hypocrisy of the neo-liberal order in backing the settler colonial state of Israel and oppose the clampdown on freedom of expression and the repression of pro-Palestinian protests in the West. We actively support Palestinian people’s calls for solidarity and oppose the Apartheid regime of Israel.

History and Core Values

The Founding Meeting of the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII) took place on 1 December 2005 in a gathering in London, where a broad-based group of Iranian and non-Iranian academics, students and professionals of different political and ideological persuasions agreed on the name and the Mission Statement of this campaign.

The Founding Meeting was the culmination of numerous in-depth discussions among the members of the group on the threats of sanctions, foreign state interference and military intervention in Iran and the urgent need to build an effective international campaign to oppose the drive towards war against Iran.

Our first major action was our successful participation in the London International Peace Conference on 10 December 2005 which unanimously adopted our resolution to “call on the anti-war movement in all countries to oppose any attack on Iran or Syria.”

CASMII’s membership and supporters encompass a diverse range of political and ideological viewpoints, but we are all firmly united in our shared belief in opposing sanctions and military attacks against Iran.

CASMII is independent of all political groups and governments, including the Iranian government, and does not adhere to any particular religion or ideology. We strive to bring together the broadest possible spectrum of forces, on the basis of democratic principles and decision making structures.

Our core values include respect and recognition for human rights and the sovereignty and right of all nations to self-determination.

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