Mission Statement

CASMII is an independent campaign organisation with the purpose of opposing sanctions, foreign state interference and military intervention in Iran.

Statement of Purpose

The on-going demonization of Iran as part of the "axis of evil" first initiated by George W. Bush’s 2002 State of the Union Speech, together with the more recent draconian sanctions and growing threats of military action by the US and Israel against Iran, all continue to seriously escalate international tension.

They are likely to lead to a catastrophe even more horrifying than the present disaster in Iraq, threatening international peace and security. We believe that the future of Iran, its political system and leadership, must be determined solely by the collective will of the Iranian people themselves and not through foreign state interference or intervention.

Increasing international tensions and conflict are destructive to the causes of peace, justice and democracy. We appeal to all individuals across the globe, regardless of their race, language, religion or political view, to join us in our campaign to oppose sanctions, foreign state interference, destabilization and military intervention in Iran in favour of action towards peace and dialogue.

History and Core Values

The Founding Meeting of the Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII) took place on 1 December 2005 in a gathering in London, where a broad-based group of Iranian and non-Iranian academics, students and professionals of different political and ideological persuasions agreed on the name and the Mission Statement of this campaign.

The Founding Meeting was the culmination of numerous in-depth discussions among the members of the group on the threats of sanctions, foreign state interference and military intervention in Iran and the urgent need to build an effective international campaign to oppose the drive towards war against Iran.

Our first major action was our successful participation in the London International Peace Conference on 10 December 2005 which unanimously adopted our resolution to “call on the anti-war movement in all countries to oppose any attack on Iran or Syria.”

CASMII’s membership and supporters encompass a diverse range of political and ideological viewpoints, but we are all firmly united in our shared belief in opposing sanctions and military attacks against Iran.

CASMII is independent of all political groups and governments, including the Iranian government, and does not adhere to any particular religion or ideology. We strive to bring together the broadest possible spectrum of forces, on the basis of democratic principles and decision making structures.

Our core values include respect and recognition for human rights and the sovereignty and right of all nations to self-determination

We call on all Iranians and non-Iranians alike to join us in our campaign to stop another disastrous war in the Middle East before it starts.

Campaign Strategy

Our strategy focuses upon:

  • raising a strong voice in the media (Internet, radio & TV and the press), and challenging questionable new allegations and threats as they arise
  • holding public meetings to highlight relevant issues and to provide a critique of the increasingly belligerent threats against Iran
  • lobbying members of parliament and opinion-makers
  • working in full and close collaboration with all groups sharing similar aims to build public pressure against all forms of foreign state interference in Iran
  • promoting the campaign at an international level