Postcard to U.S. President: Baghdad (Reuters)

People in Iraq send first wishes to new U.S. President-elect Barack Obama.

On the streets of Baghdad a call for his withdrawl of U.S. troops:

1. (English) BAQEE NAQED, JOURNALIST, SAYING : "I as an Iraqi, I am asking Obama to keep his promise about withdrawing the U.S. security forces here from our land and we want friendly ties with Iraq people and government. We do not need an occupation here, we need people to help us to improve security situation and services."

2. (Arabic) MOHAMMED AL-SHABIKY CITIZEN, SAYING: "We hope from Obama to hold talks with neighbouring countries and represent new U.S. policy in Middle East and more specifically in Iraq."

3. (Arabic) FADHIL AL-SHAMREE, BANKER, SAYING: "We call upon Mr. president Obama to hold good relations with Iraq and pullout U.S. and multi-national forces from iraq as soon as possible."