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Imperial College Liberated Zone – OUR STATEMENT AND DEMANDS

Imperial College Liberated Zone

We establish our encampment to stand against Imperial College’s complicity in Israeli occupation, apartheid, and genocide.

Imperial College is complicit due to its investments in and industry ties to companies profiting off of the abuse of Palestinian rights.

Our Demands


with companies that are complicit in war crimes against Palestine, such as Caterpillar Inc. and BAE Systems.


from companies which support the occupation of Palestine.


Israel’s actions as well as students and staff who express support for such atrocities.


Palestinian students through scholarships, establishing links with Palestinian universities and supporting the rebuilding of the Gazan higher education sector.


an independent student and staff body to ensure compliance with our demands and serve to provide oversight on future investments to ensure that Imperial is not complicit in future crimes.

We join the calls of students worldwide to hold our institutions to account. These are our universities, and we refuse to give up our resources towards the Zionist project. We extend our solidarity to students worldwide who have experienced awful state repression for their bravery and steadfastness.

This space will advance the struggle for total freedom of Palestinians and all oppressed peoples. We are founded upon principles of anti-racism and anti-colonialism. This space will be used to educate and foster a liberated community, and we invite all those with similar convictions to join us. We will continue to fight for our demands until they are met!